Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Do you think people on dole have got it easy?

The number of people who are jobless has topped 2 million for the first time in twelve years and more and more people are signing on for benefits.Big name companies as well as small companies are folding by the day, putting more and more people out of a job. As a result there are fewer jobs available.
There are some people out there who have no intention of working and they keep claiming benefit because they think this is the easy option. These people need to be hounded. Life is not a bed of roses for everyone on dole. Those working are fortunate to have jobs. Once someone loses a job it is very difficult to get back on the work ladder. Those over the age of fifty are going to struggle.
People working in DHSS have no qualms about stopping benefit to poor families. The purpose of their job has become to harass these individuals and all they need is an excuse. Any excuse will do.
Take the case of one man in Blackburn, Lancashire.He is on the wrong side of fifty and has two kids and a housewife dependant on him. He is unemployed and looking for work. A friend he has known for a long time dies. This friend lived in London. It is long trip to London and it is not cheap but he decides to go to his funeral. He tells DSS in Blackburn that he needs to travel to London. They say OK go and sign in London. He visits London office who tells him to come back the next day. He visits DHSS London office the next day and they inform him that he cannot sign on in London. He needs to sign on in Blackburn on his return.The funeral is over and he returns home and starts signing on in Blackburn. They tell him that they are stopping his benefit.He visits DHSS office numerous times but to no avail. It is now four weeks since he received any money and DHSS have told him to borrow from friends and family.To people who apply these draconian measure to harass poor people I pray that they lose their job somehow and their friend and families drop dead. Perhaps then they will realise that everyone dies sooner or later and we need to make allowances for that.

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