Monday, April 20, 2009

Uncharitable charity commission

The charity commission? You think !
noble organisation, for the benefit of all people, unbiased
Think again!
George Gallaway last week returns from an overseas trip to find threatening letters to appear before high court. What for?
George Gallway is big supporter of charity Viva Palestina. A noble cause.
During the 22 day vicious attack on defenceless Palestinians civilian in Gaza
Israelis carried out massacre of downtrodden people. Gaza was devastateded mercilessly by heavily armed Israeli army. Innocent civilians were butchered in their homes. The people that remain lost everything they had. These people need help to rebuild their life. That is the aim of Viva Palestina. George Gallaway is to be admired for his stance. He is a true reflection of what is best about Britain. As long as we have people like him there is hope.
The charity commission can’t see that. There must be people in this organisation that are openly biased and take side of Israeli murderers. As far as these people are concerned Israeli cannot do any wrong and Muslim are always to blame for everything.
Zionist Federation can appeal for funds for murdering soldiers. These people can
solicit for funds in advert to support a foreign army involved in a widely condemned military action, in which thousands of civilians were killed, maimed and orphaned but charity commission have nothing to say for that. No freezing of bank accounts, no press releases, no carefully briefed "concerns", no threats of High Court judges. Yet they openly declare a crusade against the British Muslims.
The Zionist has impregnated all level of British society and that is a dangerous trend.

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