Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Historic struggle of the lawyer movement bears fruit in Pakistan

Dawn on the 16th of March 2009, brought, Chief Justice Iftekhar Chowdhury and other sacked judges to their respect positions that had long been denied to them. This news sent a shock wave of happiness through the country. People took to the streets to celebrate this historic fact. As well as Political activist the long march had attracted people from all walks of life. Everyone had the same objective. This being the establishment of free and independent judicial system and restoration of sacked judges to their original positions. When leaders of lawyer movement decided to barricade themselves at the constitution Avenue, Muslim League( Nawaz,) Jamaat Islami and Tehrik-e-Insaf fully supported them. To achieve this success the legal community scarified everything. They were assaulted, dragged through streets, and suffered injuries but in the end their sacrifice bore fruit. Common sense has prevailed. The government has few more hurdles to climb. The first is to end Governor Rule in Punjab. The second is to revise their decision to deselect Sharif Brothers.Muslim league (Nawaz) has upheld d their principles and given the people of Pakistan a voice. The man in the street can make a difference when he has the determination to succeed.

Nawaz Sharif Speech in faislabad 07 March 2009

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