Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Do you think people on dole have got it easy?

The number of people who are jobless has topped 2 million for the first time in twelve years and more and more people are signing on for benefits.Big name companies as well as small companies are folding by the day, putting more and more people out of a job. As a result there are fewer jobs available.
There are some people out there who have no intention of working and they keep claiming benefit because they think this is the easy option. These people need to be hounded. Life is not a bed of roses for everyone on dole. Those working are fortunate to have jobs. Once someone loses a job it is very difficult to get back on the work ladder. Those over the age of fifty are going to struggle.
People working in DHSS have no qualms about stopping benefit to poor families. The purpose of their job has become to harass these individuals and all they need is an excuse. Any excuse will do.
Take the case of one man in Blackburn, Lancashire.He is on the wrong side of fifty and has two kids and a housewife dependant on him. He is unemployed and looking for work. A friend he has known for a long time dies. This friend lived in London. It is long trip to London and it is not cheap but he decides to go to his funeral. He tells DSS in Blackburn that he needs to travel to London. They say OK go and sign in London. He visits London office who tells him to come back the next day. He visits DHSS London office the next day and they inform him that he cannot sign on in London. He needs to sign on in Blackburn on his return.The funeral is over and he returns home and starts signing on in Blackburn. They tell him that they are stopping his benefit.He visits DHSS office numerous times but to no avail. It is now four weeks since he received any money and DHSS have told him to borrow from friends and family.To people who apply these draconian measure to harass poor people I pray that they lose their job somehow and their friend and families drop dead. Perhaps then they will realise that everyone dies sooner or later and we need to make allowances for that.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

BBC Video shows conditions inside Bagdad jail

Click on the image opposite to see video.

This video shows Bgdad jail that houses 150 people. Marvell at the facilities provided at this establishment. It has only one shower and 3 disgusting toilets.There are people sleeping next to the toilet. some have to take turns to sleep.The condition inside are barabaric.You would think in this day and age people would not treat others in in this degrading manner. Thinks again.

This is suppose to be new era of human rights and justice in Iraq.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Historic struggle of the lawyer movement bears fruit in Pakistan

Dawn on the 16th of March 2009, brought, Chief Justice Iftekhar Chowdhury and other sacked judges to their respect positions that had long been denied to them. This news sent a shock wave of happiness through the country. People took to the streets to celebrate this historic fact. As well as Political activist the long march had attracted people from all walks of life. Everyone had the same objective. This being the establishment of free and independent judicial system and restoration of sacked judges to their original positions. When leaders of lawyer movement decided to barricade themselves at the constitution Avenue, Muslim League( Nawaz,) Jamaat Islami and Tehrik-e-Insaf fully supported them. To achieve this success the legal community scarified everything. They were assaulted, dragged through streets, and suffered injuries but in the end their sacrifice bore fruit. Common sense has prevailed. The government has few more hurdles to climb. The first is to end Governor Rule in Punjab. The second is to revise their decision to deselect Sharif Brothers.Muslim league (Nawaz) has upheld d their principles and given the people of Pakistan a voice. The man in the street can make a difference when he has the determination to succeed.

Nawaz Sharif Speech in faislabad 07 March 2009

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Warrant for Imran

Now a warrant has been issued for the arrest of another opposition leader, Imran Khan, the former Pakistan cricket captain.Many of his people have been arrested.

In the past the military, Pakistan's most powerful institution, has stepped in to seize power from failing governments. The current army chief, Gen Ashfaq Pervez Kayani, has said he will respect civilian rule. I think militay stepping in would be a better option for Pakistan.

Deliberate act to deny a peaceful protest

The act of imposing section 144 in Islamabad is to sabotage the lawyer’s gathering to protest against the gob who betrayed promises to restore the judiciary at the position of November 2, 2007
By this imposition this section 144 the gov is to justify bloody violence against lawyers, jurists, civil society activists and people from political parties.
The intention is to o intimidate the lawyers so that they do not attend either the march or the sit in.
The Magistrate who imposed this section should bear in mind that every citizen has a right to ventilate his grievances either in public or in private and ask for redress. This right cannot be curtailed so long as it is exercised in a lawful manner
Witchunt of political activists and lawyers has started. Many political workers and lawyers have been arrested. The province including the capital city Lahore, has decided to deploy Rangers in the big cities/towns. People’s houses are being raided for arrests.The government is afraid of the damage this march can do to their credibility.This Government is starting on a slippery slope when it starts arresting people on the pretext that they think these people may break the law. It is the right of people to demonstrating against unjust practices. Democracy is all about fair play. We say we are a democratic nation but when it comes to actual practice we use any means legal or illegal. Whoever is in government thinks the law is there to keep him in power and uses it to do just that.
Police have flexed their muscle and arrested human rights activist, Tahira Abdullah but he was released after being kept into custody for three hours. This is terror tactic designed to instil fear in peoples mind. The question that everyone is asking where is this going to lead.
The Asian Human Rights Commission has urged on the federal government to undo the orders of the district magistrate of the imposition of section 144 of CrPC and allow the citizens to have their protest in a peaceful manner

Mr Zardari seems to be on course for taking revenge from Iftikhar Chaudhry because he thinks he was complicit in his imprisonment for murder and corruption charges in the 1990s and the early part of this decade.Under his administration, Pakistan is descending deeper into crisis.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Expose Israeli Apartheid

Inhumanity of humans

The piece of video is by Senior CBS Foreign Correspondent Bob Simon, who is Jewish living outside Tel-Aviv and produced by Robert G, Anderson.

click below to see this video.

Exposing Israeli Apartheid

Why put up with this?

What has PPP done that is good in Pakistan Answer: a big fat nothing.
Since PPP came to power, we have more power cuts, food prices have rocketed. fuel subsidies have gone so man in street suffers traders suffers. Everyone suffers apart from the government. This is from a Party that derives its name from the word “People”. That is so disgusting. I think PPP should rename itself to Zardari Party.
When people of Pakistan got rid of dictator Musharraf, things were looking hopeful. The Murree Declaration set two parties to work together to govern Pakistan.
Thing did not start well when Zardari started dragging his heels over the restoration of judiciary. Even then people thought given time he will do the honourable thing.
But of course he had no intention of restoring all the senior judges. This was one topic that was common bond between the two parties. They were sworn enemies of each other. Since coming to power, PPP has displayed a hate mentality against the PML (N). A party in government has to behave with dignity. It can not carry out personal vendetta against opposition parties. It is exactly what I t has done since it came to power.
It has to think and pursue policies that are beneficial for the country as a whole.
PPP or rather Zardari has demonstrated that he is a man who can not be trusted. He should have honoured the pledge that his able wife made with good intentions. He has gone back on his promises and tarnished name of BeNazeer. Not only did he fail his wife he then started personal vendetta against opposition parties. This led him into doctoring the judges to disqualify Sharif bothers. Even that was not enough he had to impose governor rule in Punjab as well. That is taking the Mickey. There are parts of the country that resemble war zone. No he did not impose governor rule there. But he had to impose it in Punjab. Why man.? Has he taken leave of his senses? He keeps prodding coalition partners with spears and then come out with statement that all parties need to work together. Is that his way of working togather?

We are hearing in some circle that certain leaders are trying to mediate between the two parties. Would you trust a man who does not deliver on his promise, given several chances? How can anyone believe a word coming out this man's mouth? He is deceitful and will remain deceitful. I can’t see how he can redeem himself from this situation.
He has done damage that can not possibly be repaired.
This man should be in charge of organising a piss up in a brewery. He might actually succeed.

There are so many able people in Pakistan, yet people of Pakistan or PPP have to elect this man as leader. The Pakistani nation and its leaders need to do some serious soul searching and get rid of this American poodle before any more damaged is done to the country.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Attack on Sri Lanka cricket

The attack on Sri Lanka cricket team in Lahore Pakistan is despicable act of barbarism. Pakistan day by day is descending into anarchy and chaos. Pakistan government needs to root out this disease from society. It has to get to the core of problem rather than just treat the symptoms. Extremist are exploiting people who have no aspiration in life. Politically the country is appears to have democracy but that is in name only. People Party came to power on the back of Lawyer community, has failed to keep their word and restore Independent judiciary. We have Musharaf inherited cronies who were appointed by illegal authority making dubious decisions. Terrorism is on the increase .The government needs to look at what motivates these individuals. Desperate people adopt desperate measure. We need to make sure life of ordinary people is better than what it is today.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Israelies use of white phosphorus on civilians

Israelies use white phosphorus (banned substance) on civilians.
A barbaric practice that has that should have been stopped.
Where was conscience of of the world when this happened?

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Lady passes away

It is saddening to hear of a pakistani Lady called Salma from Southall passed away on Saturday 28th February 2009 .
May Allah shower his blessing upon her and grant her a place in Jannat. Oh Allah make the transformation from this world into the the next be an easy one for her.
She will be missed by all who who new her.

Ameen summa Ameen