Saturday, March 7, 2009

Why put up with this?

What has PPP done that is good in Pakistan Answer: a big fat nothing.
Since PPP came to power, we have more power cuts, food prices have rocketed. fuel subsidies have gone so man in street suffers traders suffers. Everyone suffers apart from the government. This is from a Party that derives its name from the word “People”. That is so disgusting. I think PPP should rename itself to Zardari Party.
When people of Pakistan got rid of dictator Musharraf, things were looking hopeful. The Murree Declaration set two parties to work together to govern Pakistan.
Thing did not start well when Zardari started dragging his heels over the restoration of judiciary. Even then people thought given time he will do the honourable thing.
But of course he had no intention of restoring all the senior judges. This was one topic that was common bond between the two parties. They were sworn enemies of each other. Since coming to power, PPP has displayed a hate mentality against the PML (N). A party in government has to behave with dignity. It can not carry out personal vendetta against opposition parties. It is exactly what I t has done since it came to power.
It has to think and pursue policies that are beneficial for the country as a whole.
PPP or rather Zardari has demonstrated that he is a man who can not be trusted. He should have honoured the pledge that his able wife made with good intentions. He has gone back on his promises and tarnished name of BeNazeer. Not only did he fail his wife he then started personal vendetta against opposition parties. This led him into doctoring the judges to disqualify Sharif bothers. Even that was not enough he had to impose governor rule in Punjab as well. That is taking the Mickey. There are parts of the country that resemble war zone. No he did not impose governor rule there. But he had to impose it in Punjab. Why man.? Has he taken leave of his senses? He keeps prodding coalition partners with spears and then come out with statement that all parties need to work together. Is that his way of working togather?

We are hearing in some circle that certain leaders are trying to mediate between the two parties. Would you trust a man who does not deliver on his promise, given several chances? How can anyone believe a word coming out this man's mouth? He is deceitful and will remain deceitful. I can’t see how he can redeem himself from this situation.
He has done damage that can not possibly be repaired.
This man should be in charge of organising a piss up in a brewery. He might actually succeed.

There are so many able people in Pakistan, yet people of Pakistan or PPP have to elect this man as leader. The Pakistani nation and its leaders need to do some serious soul searching and get rid of this American poodle before any more damaged is done to the country.

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