Friday, June 26, 2009

Burkha or not to Burkha

Some time ago we were hit with headscarf bandwagon now it is the turn of Burkha.
DOUGLAS MURRAY, Director of the Centre for Social Cohesion
Says in the Daily Express
” President Sarcoxie’s stand against burkhas shows how shamingly far ahead of us .France is in the fight to defend Muslim women from Islamic bigots and us all from Islamic fanatics. Women who wear the full face and body covering – and the men who generally make them wear it – often claim that the wearing of the burkha is a religious right. It is no such thing.”
Douglas Murray being the Director of Social Cohesion is not doing social cohesion any favors by such statements. He is simply jumping on the media bandwagon. There are far more things worthy of banning than Burkha.
Ban Bing drinking, ban anti-social behavior, ban extremism wherever it stems from, and ban MPs for expense fiddling. The list goes on.
Looking at his statement it is clear he has little understanding of Muslims.
“France is in the fight to defend Muslim women from Islamic bigots.” Come on Douglas Murray it is nothing of the sort. Who are you trying to kid, Joe blogs or yourself? Far from it, you are telling Muslim women what they can and cannot wear. You are depriving them of their right to dress themselves the way they see fit. Those who choose to wear it are not forced to wear but it a choice they themselves make. No one forces a Muslim to fast in the Month of Ramadan, he simply chooses to do so because it prescribed by God. Other Muslims choose to ignore It., that is their choice. Quran says “There is no compulsion in religion”. Burkha is not insult to women it is you who are insulting them by telling them that they cannot wear it.

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