Thursday, February 26, 2009

Politicisation of the rule of law in Pakistan

Pakistan Supreme Court verdict to declare Nawaz and Shahbaz Sharif ineligible to contest elections or holding public offices has further devalued the respect for the superior judiciary of the country. The man in the street is able to detect the forces behind this decision. Anyone can see this has Asif Zardari’s hand in it. Pakistan People Party selected him as their leader surpassing all the others because he was husband of BeNazir Bhutto’s husband. Once known as Mr 10 per cent for taking kickback he is now President of Pakistan.
Pakistan is going through a critical period and further destabilisation of Punjab can only add to the country’s woes. In Pakistan political is a dirty game and political parties get electively victimised .Would you expect Mr 10 percent to play fair? No
It is a sad day for Pakistan. People of Pakistan need to wake up and start electing people with moral and principles. I know it is hard but these people do exist albeit not so many.

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